Monday, February 7, 2011

Beautiful Bags

Here is a sneak peak at bags that will be posted in the etsy shop this week . Some great finds that I hope you will love.

vintage 1980's Pretty in Pink leather clutch


vintage 1970's  burgundy leather satchel

vintage 1970's leather camel button clutch

vintage 1970's floral lucite handle tapestry satchel

vintage 1980's baby pink beaded evening bag with gold frame

vintage 1980's suede laser cut detail hand bag

vintage 1980's black mesh satchel with gold hardware details

vintage 1970's crotchet handbag with beautifully shaped tortoise handles

vintage 1970's leather camel and linen satchel

So there you have it ...your sneak peak . Check daily listings for postings of these and more.


victoryvintageb said...

These are beautiful! Already coveting the Pretty in pink leather clutch! Oh my!

Harlow's Vintage said...

Thank you , I know it truly is a beautiful bag. Hard not to keep for my personal collection.