Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Artfire: A great new place to shop for Vintage!

In the beginning, there was eBay for vintage online. Later came Etsy, along with a wide variety of individual seller websites. And now, we have Artfire, the 2011 winner of Auctionbytes annual Seller's Choice survey. Until recently, Artfire was best know as a site for buying and selling handmade goods. But as Etsy discovered, vintage is a good fit with artisan goods and crafting supplies and Artfire is devoting a lot of energy and resources this year to their vintage categories. Come take a look - chances are you'll see a lot of familiar seller names, and you'll see some wonderful vintage fashion. I put together this Collection to show off some of the best vintage I've seen there lately. Hope to see you there!


T said...

Simply stunning collection!

Anne, Vintage Baubles said...

Great collection of vintage items! And I think ArtFire is a wonderful venue. It's so easy to list items there, and the collections are easy and fun to put together!

AlleyCatsVintage said...

wonderful items!!!! I do believe ArtFire is becoming the new Vintage Hotspot.