Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All You Need To Know About Boho Chic

Author: Callum A Sterman

This type of fashion is all about expressing yourself with a liberated sense of mind; inject your personality into the style. It's not purely fashion - it's  about your character!

The key to boho-chic is to create an alternative to tidy or precise - there are no rules. It is about looking as if you have grabbed your garments as an afterthought of your multi-textured, easy-going and earthy personality. Bohemian style effortlessly combines the best of sixties attitude with modern day styles and capabilities.

Here are some of the typical components of boho-chic fashion:
- Delicate and detailed embroidery
- Long floaty skirts
- Flowy tops
- Faux-fur vests
- Distressed denim e.g. skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans
- Chunky knits
- Cropped military jackets
- Hobo bags
- Delicate gold hoops and bangle bracelets
- Scarves
- Sheepskin boots
- Cowboy boots

A quick way to get into the boho style is to try out various flowy tops, there are many different styles available e.g. scoop necks, v-necks, long sleeved to sleeveless. Try matching your flowy top with various combinations of skinny jeans, long necklaces and a belt over the top. There are no rules and your own ideas are more likely to work for you.

The key is to combine unexpected patterns, textures and seasonal styles together to get the optimum unique look. Keep the modern, free-spirited feel close to the surface with unexpected flower embellishments and the uber-attractive element of fashion confidence. The bohemian fashion concept revolves around being different, so vintage clothing and accessories need to be looked at. You can add a distressed-looking leather bag or a pair of comfortable boots. The colour palette for the boho-chic fashion is earthy, rich and rustic for example khaki green, black, brown, mustard yellow, even metals such as platinum and silver.

How about hairstyles? Your hairstyle can both flatter or disturb your boho style. Fortunately, normally a simple style is the right boho-chic hairstyle. It's usually medium to short in length and is often free-flowing. Most women would keep their hair naturally straight, wavy or with a slight curl. To accessorise your hair you can opt for a bandana or band.

How can you add more boho style with accessories?
Accessories are very important. It helps to stick to the natural-looking materials that this particular fashion sense is trying to celebrate, such as wood, stone or shell. Beaded necklaces are a great bohemian choice.

What about footwear?
Boho footwear can be sheepskin boots (Uggs), short boots with long dresses, knee-length boots with mini-skirts, booties with boyfriend jeans. {All these can be acceptable and easily do-able hippie style|Any of these will be perfect, but don't let these guidelines stop you from trying something completely different - it could look fantastic.

Callum Asterman writes for Rokit vintage clothing and has been reporting on vintage womens clothing  for many years now.

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_1481942_34.html


Blondie said...

I'm starting to get into this style I just ordered a great messenger bag and even did a recent post on Janis Joplin, who may be a little more hippy. Have a great day! Kori xoxo

Sarah said...

ooh I love this style! I have yet to get the right hair look down for it but I'm still working on it!
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