Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wear this 1950s formal on New Year's Eve (but be careful under the mistletoe!)

When I was in the sixth grade, we lived next door to the Masonic Lodge. On summer evenings, my mother and I would sit in the swing on our front porch, waiting for the parade of formals that marked the start of an Eastern Star event at the lodge. I could hardly wait for the show to begin. As I watched all those women shimmy up the sidewalk in their high heels and matching bags, it seemed like a long wait for the time I might wear such a dress. This is one of my favorite formals EVER. Can’t you imagine what a great dress this would make on New Year's Eve at the symphony? You can find the dimensions and other details in our Bridal and Special Occasion department at Dressed Her Days Vintage.

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Lisa said...

That really is a lovely dress, very elegent. I am new to the world of the long evening frock but I have to say I am really falling in love with them.