Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eye Candy Treats for the Holidays!

We at the Reflections of Vintage sellers' group offer up some treats that are just perfect for holiday wearing or giving!

There's nothing like a vintage winter hat, as presented by Alley Cats Vintage on Ruby Lane!

Here we have a dramatic 1970s Dana Marte Wide Brim Cream Fur Hat


And this darling Rhinestone-Trimmed 1940's Navy Blue Velour Bicorne Hat


And Catseye Vintage has great special-event wear for the holidays:

This glamorous 1950s Red Chiffon Cocktail Party Wiggle Dress with Fly-a-Way Panels in a nice larger size:


And a 50s/60s Hand Sequined Jet Black Cardigan Sweater Jacket, XL or XXL


A vintage coat from Vintage Baubles Too will keep you warm in style!

To wear over your party dress, this 50s/60s Faux Fur Clutch Swing Coat with Atomic Lining, Lg/XL


And here's an elegant version of the ever-popular Russian Princess Coat, this one with mink trim in Med/Lg:


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archives said... that russian princess coat is to DIE FOR!!! so beautiful!!!