Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Pretty in Pink 1986

Last night I watched Pretty in Pink - a classic story of boy meets girl. Boy is rich, girl is poor - hilarity ensues. (not really, but that teenage angst stuff is just so funny in a not-so-funny way). I was seriously amazed and slightly revolted by the fashions of the mid-80s. The movie was made in 1986 - a year I thought was at the height of haute couture (think Madonna, Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, Bananarama, Mr. Mister...) Gee, not really making a point am I?

My POINT is - the pink dress Andi made for the prom was so darn UGLY - like she was wearing a bag.

A pink bag.

Now, I am in the business of showcasing vintage garments - usually with a modern twist - but that sack, if it were to fall into my hands - well, there's nothing for it, NOTHING.

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Oh, and what's your take on the fashions of the eighties?


Covet And Love It Vintage Fashions said...

Know what you mean. The first time I saw P in P I was horrified over the dress that was cut up to make the final product. I would have worn the original.

Tart Deco™ said...

I actually blogged about this movie because I love it so much! When this came out I wore my father's jackets with my skirts for a year. I still always have to have a long, slim flower skirt.
I love evry single piece of clothing Andi wears in this- except that prom dress! Even back in the day I had NO IDEA what the costumer was thinking when she came up with the concept of that dress. Perhaps they didn't want it to be too involved because she was a young sewer, but she made her other clothes in that movie, including a lined vest which isn't the easiest thing for a beginner to make. So that theory is out the window for me.

propriatress said...

yes, that Pink prom dress made for the movie was ugly!! The clothes Andi wears in the rest of the movie are cute and clever. Love the vintage in the rest of the movie!

Deb said...

My daughter and I watched this movie not so long ago and just about died of uncontrollable laughter at how horrifyingly ugly that dress was! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!?!?!? Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one that thought that THING was ugly!

Lolita Haze said...

I always loved the 80's and 80's fashion. Still do, always will. When I saw that movie I was probably around 8 or 9. I wasn't into 50's fashions yet, but I remember thinking how the before dress was way better and her after was horrible. Even for the 80's. It didn't have that 80's flair... more like 90's drab. :(