Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vintage Separates Could be a Mystery!

So many hidden treasures!  As I was adding this Suzy Perette sharkskin 50's dress to my online vintage clothing store and describing the dress. I asked myself, what would have happened if the bolero jacket would have been separated from this gorgeous halter dress many years ago?  Yes the party dress is gorgeous on it's own and can be worn without the jacket but there is no designer label in the dress only the jacket!  So therefore I would have never have known who the designer is and it would have been a mystery.  I would have known that it was a very well made dress, and appeared to be by a designer but that piece of history knowing that it is a Suzy Perette is very important.  Realizing this, I got to thinking how many other pieces of vintage have not been given credit to the original designer due to two pieces being separated over the decades?  Just a little thought, but thankfully this set is still together and is simply, Gorgeous!

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Betsy said...

WOW that dress is simply amazing.

>>> I always love that moment (sadly rare) when you stumble upon a picture of your unidentifiable mystery dress in a designer's book or old mag and you can make a positive id.