Sunday, December 26, 2010

Icon of the 1960's Dog Ear Collar

One of the icon's of the late 60's and early 70's was the exaggerated Dog Ear Collar. This sweet dress pattern has everything a girl could want from the era. It's a mini dress, it has a low scoop neckline, long bell sleeves, princess seams, flirty flare skirt and a choice of 2 collars. The long pointed collar attached to a neck band give the dress a peek-a-boo effect. Of course the huge dog ears are my personal favorite, but if I were making this adorable dress to wear, I would choose the view not shown. I would give it the scoop neck and have the dog ears attached to the neck band for a peek-a-boo dog ear look. But any way you make it, this pattern is a definite WINNER!

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propriatress said...

I bought this pattern new ...and made it a few still remains one of my most flattering styles, tho I've given up the exaggerated collar gone it!