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Women's Scarves are THE Accessory

Women's Scarves are THE Accessory

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A vintage top, a pair of designer jeans, 5-inch heels - check. But something is missing. Of course - accessories! No outfit can be complete without accessories, and no, we're not talking about studded earrings or some rockin' cuffs but a silk scarf. Now why didn't you think of that, you ask? Well, women's silk scarves may not be the first go-to accessory for anyone but it definitely creates the most surprising result.

With just a simple fold around your neck, your whole look is suddenly transformed into a whole new level. You can look corporate enough with it during the day and still look ready to drink a few Cosmopolitans after work.  With a silk scarf, you can go from casual chic to glamazon. It can make you look all dressed up and it can also dress down your LBD for a casual stroll in the park. That is why women's silk scarves are still so popular right now because it can totally update your look. Even if you're having a blah day, your colorful silk scarf can give your plain white tee and faded jeans an instant oomph. And if you want to have fun, layer it up!

Designers have long since used scarves in their collections and this added to its popularity. Runway shows have been filled with a variation of them, each have different and unique interpretation of the classic scarf. Magazine editorials have also joined in and have splashed them all over their pages. Women's scarves have become not just a practical piece of clothing anymore. Rather, they have become statement pieces themselves. There have been more creations of textured and bolder scarves, in louder hues and newer patterns. Some have been more like haute couture than the usual style of these scarves.

Celebrities alike have also been patronizing this piece of accessory. The paparazzi have been snapping away at them wearing all different kinds of scarves - from plain brights to houndstooth patterns, parading them all over Hollywood and around the world.

Even the literary world and as well as the movie industry have also taken notice. Confessions of a Shopaholic has reaffirmed the status of the growing popularity of scarves today. Clearly, women's scarves have come a long way from just being a functional piece of clothing used to bring warmth during cold days. Scarves have become such a hot item that any fashionista have bargained hard for their own green scarf.  So go ahead, indulge, or get yourself a designer knockout scarf but for a lesser price!

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