Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage Speaks Through The Decades

Vintage Speaks Through The Decades

Author: reggieokubo

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘vintage’? Not very long ago, the word “vintage” might bring the images of clothes and accessories worn by our grandmothers when they were young. But over the last few years, vintage has become incredibly hot, as women clamor to resale shops, flea markets and yard sales to take part in this new trend.

More and more teenage girls are shopping vintage for their high school proms or dances, since vintage clothing guarantees originality. Every woman wants to going out dresses that somehow combine vintage style with fresh, new and not look the same as everybody else, which is rather difficult to do in the style-conscious world of today.

Vintage clothing also has a nostalgic edge to it. Of course that very few women nowadays actually remember the good old days when there were soda shops and party lines. However, wearing vintage clothing gives each woman or girl the chance to experience a new feeling and be a small part of history. Moreover, isn't it mesmerizing to see men in vintage tshirts?

The rock n roll era has long been gone but a lot of people are still suffering a tremendous hang-over from the 70's glitz and glam. The shiny shirts, tye-dyed shirts, rainbow, hippie, afro hairstyles and the billowing pants, it was one of the best times in American history, a defining glory for Americans for bringing rock n roll to the world.

These days, second hand stores, vintage clothing shops, garage sale, used clothing stores, and vintage clothing website becomes sought-after destination of those who feel like wearing or collecting vintage. As with any shopping spree, you need to be careful when you’re shopping for vintage-style clothes. When it’s difficult to find a particular piece, you might be tempted to buy a replica. Make sure that the cool, vintage style item you’ve purchased is tasteful and good quality.

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