Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vintage Skirt Suits Perfect for Fall

Vintage skirt suits are so perfect for cool fall mornings, and when the weather warms in the afternoon, you slip off your jacket and still look darling. Going out after the office? The jacket back on and your suit is perfect for dinner out. Darling as separates, mix and match the skirts with other tops, the jackets with pants or other skirts to make them even more versatile.

Here are just a few cute skirt suits for fall available at Vintage Outlet!

Vintage Houndstooth Skirt Suit
Darling Bow Snap Jacket XS S

Vintage Mad Men Gabardine Asymmetric jacket,
Pencil skirt, matching blouse

Beautiful Vintage Brick Suede Midi Skirt, Vest,
matching puffy Hippie Blouse

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