Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Little Vintage Store That Could

Politics aside, this is the story of my friend Amanda Zych owner of rogueretro vintage store on etsy. She now has an important lesson to teach her daughter Ella and she in turn will cherish and pass down to her children, grandchildren...

She is a struggling single mom who went through a lot the past couple of years, barely surviving working hard to make ends meet. Amanda came very close to losing her home. While shopping for vintage to sell in her store she came across this coat.

After doing some research on the label 'For The Wardrobe of Bill Beck Varsity Shop, Mt Vernon Washington' she discovered the coat belonged to Glenn Beck's dad.

Amanda did what she thought was the right thing, she sent the coat to Glenn Beck free of charge because she firmly believes the coat belongs to him. When he called her to thank her she never mentioned her business or asked for a dime. What is also really special about this story is that on the week of her birthday, Amanda gave unconditionally.

Amanda is my hero.

You can watch the segment here:

or here:

Amanda Zych of etsy rogueretro on Glenn Beck.

I thought I'd share this inspirational story with all of you during this time when we all gather with loved ones to give thanks for all that we have.

That kindness is the true spirit of the season and we hold much more in common than not.

Happy Holidays everyone!


My Mom's Stuff said...

Such a great story! My husband got on her shop while watching Glenn Beck and made note of how many sales she had. By the end of yesterday, she had made TONS of sales. I think he counted like 25 just during the broadcast.

Glenn truly returned her favor to him by putting up her Etsy shop URL.

margret said...

That was a lovely story,
and good for her. I am afraid I didnt have enough sense at the age of 30 to try and save my home and go thru a divorce too. What a trooper.

Mrs Cleaver said...

What a lovely lady she is:) I just bought a dress from her actually,excellent & friendly service.It's good to know my small purchase is helping out such a generous hearted person.I will definitely purchase from her again.
Thanks for sharing the story:)

figure8studio said...

Thank you Margaret! She is so deserving of good things coming her way, she inspires me.

I almost hesitated posting the story because I had seen 'association criticism' posts on etsy. Regardless, she did the right thing, that is all that matters.

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

It's amazing how negative people were on the etsy forum.
This is a story about a person being thoughtful and in turn being rewarded for it.
It's not about Glen Beck and his views. It's about her thoughtfulness, and it's great that the people who watch his show were touched enough and compassionate enough to seek out her etsy shop and buy from her.

Lizzie, The Vintage Traveler said...

Well good for her! And good for all the people who are continuing to help her out by buying from her store. I hope she has some help!

figure8studio said...

Lizzie Thanks! Amanda has a small army of friends ready to help.

Carol, because GB is a controversial figure we expected some backlash but I was shocked at some of the mean girl comments & most unprofessional language used.

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday and from the outrage on etsy forums you could have fooled me. They were actual complaints she is 'bringing GB's fans to etsy' As if their money is another color(?)

I almost asked those judging if they question every buyer who they vote for?

If they also question their doctors,attorneys...firemen when trying to put out a fire, emergency response personnel, cab driver, pizza delivery guy, grocery checker...

This is a feel good story and we intend to keep it that way for Ella, Amanda's little girl, she deserves nothing but the best. Thank goodness the thread is finally closed.

Carmel said...

Congratulations Amanda!! and thank you for posting the story. Good luck posting all those rders :))