Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview with Paraphernalia Designer Deanna Littell

I've long been a fan of the design work of Deanna Littell, and so I was so pleased when she commented on a post at the Vintage Traveler several months ago. She had found the webpage where I've been collecting Young Designer Butterick patterns, including those of Deanna.

She very graciously agreed to an interview, which we conducted over the phone. I wrote her responses in the third person just because I could not possible capture the charming quality of her answers. But at any rate, the story is there, and I'm sure you are going to enjoy it!

Deanna is probably best known as one of the original designers for the 1960s New York boutique, Paraphernalia. Along with fellow designers Betsey Johnson and Joel Schumacher she helped to establish the "Youthquake" of Great Britian here in the States.


-Sam I Am- said...

I think it's a great choice for a New Years outfit :)

fuzzylizzie said...

Yes, I agree. What is so amazing about Littell's designs is that they are so wearable today.