Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ever Wish you had known the original owner?

I do.  Often I fantasize about the life they lived in the wonderful clothes they left behind.  This was one fiesty lady in the 50's.  She loved her circle skirts and kept them all.  And I'm so glad she did.  Now I can pass them on to another generation who will love them too.

 This is possibly my favorite.  It is hand painted by Carmona and shows the premier Bullfighter of the 1940's and 1950's,   Miguel Baez Litri.

This one is unsigned, but is exquisitely done and shows the Sunset Skyline of Mexico City.

Beautiful Black on Ecru Aztec print is embellished with silver clad sequins.  Scrumptious.

A Mariachi Band borders the hemline of this tie waist circle skirt.  Then it is banded with colorful musical instruments, exotic flowers and Fiesta Jugs.

This one is not Mexican but is homemade with the sweetest and most fantastical mythical beasties prancing all over it.

All are or will be listed soon on cemetarian on eBay.


Vintage Mavens said...

You have such a great blog here. I have an online vintage store on ebay and I was reading some of your informative posts on different vintage names (i.e. "wiggle" dress, etc). I will certainly be following you and hope to see more informative posts like that one!!

garofit said...

how wonderful!