Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Emma Domb Parties the Night Away

Everyone loves a good party dress, right? If you see the name Emma Domb when you're out searching, look no further. She's the goddess of chic, fun party dresses in tons of styles. She designed from the 1930s til the 1970s in San Francisco.

Carrie Bradshaw even wore one of her dresses in the Sex and the City Movie! (That's how you know you've hit it big!)

Here's my offering from Pink Suitcase Vintage, an Emma D
omb for $180! It's black lace over black tulle, and the skirt is so full yet lightweight. A great party dress!

Here's another great one from TimelessVintageVixen in Beverly Hills for $325.

And Miss SJP herself in Emma Domb!

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Anonymous said...

Love the color of SJP's dress. She can wear anything.