Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's In The Bag!

Purses are a very personal choice for all women. My own personal preference is a satchel style purse while my mom's favorite was a purse with as many compartments as possible. Still others like my daughter love a duffel style purse and my grandmother loved the standard heavy duty granny bag. No matter what type of purse you love you can't go wrong with a vintage bag and now's the time to peruse fall and winter styles like suedes, velvets and fine leathers!

Vintage 1930s German Made
Enamel Mesh Purse w Lining

Vintage 1940s Black Rayon Corde Fan
Purse w Twisted Lucite
Handles and Lucite Horseshoe
Zipper Pull

Vintage 1960s Tano of Madrid
Floral Pattern Cut Velvet Purse

So no matter what style purse you're looking for we have a great selection at Love Train Vintage !

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Luc Jenson said...

Those vintage bags would go lovely with all the other prized vintage items in my closet! I personally love the romantic look of the velvet purse. :)
Luc Jenson
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