Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fabric Types

The Most important characteristic of a scarf fabric is it's drapable quality.  The Soft, silky fabrics tie, pleat and drape perfectly.  They can be very dressy but actually offer the most versatility within any wardrobe.  Sometimes a scarp clip with a bar pin is desirable to keep them in place throughout a busy day.

Wools and wool-like blends are best when tied or wrapped simply because they are less drapable and can be bulky when folded.  Their look is more casual or sporty.  They offer extra warmth and drama when worn over coats.  A good paisley scarf with fringed edges is an indispensable classic wardrobe accessory.

Cotton scarves offer a neat, fresh look at a practical price.  Always keep them well-pressed.  They make great head covers and belts because of their woven stability.

Synthetics and blends offer an unlimited range of looks.  Scarves in chiffons, metallics and unusual fabrics can easily turn a plain outfit into a strong fashion statement.  Use them lavishly to quickly and inexpensively transform a simple daytime outfit into an evening ensemble.

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