Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Accessorizing Your Accessories

A scarf isn't just for wearing around your neck.  Here are some suggestions for other ways to use your scarf.

Scarf:  Cotton Squares

1.  Hatbands
Wrap or twist a scarf to make hatbands to coordinate with any outfit. Change the look of one basic hat just by switching scarf hatbands.

2.  Pillow Covers
For a quick change in home decorating, tie bright scarves across the front of your tired-looking pillows.  The knots can be placed on the front for a decorative effect or hidden in back so the design of the scarf is more visible.

3.  Quick Pockets
Hide a square key or your child's lunch money in a scarf bag that you make simply by knotting all the corners together.  Fasten it to a belt, purse strap or backpack for easy access.

4.  Napkins
Large cotton scarves make great table toppers and centerpiece mats.  Coordinate the scarves with your dishes and use them in napkin rings.  Tie matching scarves around serving baskets, flower containers or bundles of flatware.

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The Merchants of Vintage said...

Great ideas! I'm going to give some of my throw pillows a new look. Thanks!