Monday, September 20, 2010

The Vintage Fall Suit

It's our favorite time of year again... Fall :) The air becomes clear and crisp with warm days and cool nights. This is when the light weight sweaters and your favorite jeans come back out. One thing you should try this year is a Vintage Suit. Looking like a lady is back in fashion thanks to the designers and shows like Mad Men. Check out some of these high style suits from the vintage sites.

A Stunning 1950's Chocolate Tweed Vintage Suit with Mink Trim ~ $325.00 at Isabella's Vintage

A High Style 1940's Emerald Green Velvet Suit ~ $330.00 at Timeless Vixen on Etsy

A Fantastic 1950's Lilli Ann Suit ~ $799.00 at Posh Girl Vintage

A 1940's Chocolate Gabardine 2pc Suite with Rhinestone Detailing ~ $89.99 on sale at Sydneys Vintage Clothing

A good suit will last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Find a good tailor and you can have these adjusted to fit you perfectly if you find one you love but it does not fit quite right. It will be worth the investment.

Until next time... enjoy this beautiful fall season.

Michelle @ Isabella's Vintage

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