Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trendiest colors for fall 2010

Trendiest colors for fall 2010

Color #1- Olive Green

Green is going to be HUGE.  Instead of black and blue military pieces, this fall, it’s all about olive green.  Trench coats, military jackets, and loose cargos.

Color #2- Purple/Magenta

Rich purples and vibrant magentas, fall favorites, will be big again this season.  Purples will be deep and luscious and magentas will brighten up otherwise-basic outfits. Blouse, top, skirt, or pair of tights.

Color #3- Gold

 Colors like golden off-white, beige, and gold will be big this fall. Look for gold jewelry, tops in light, creamy colors, and fun metallic shoes.

Color #4- Red/Crimson

The runways displayed lots of beautiful blood-red hues splashed across everything from pants to outerwear. Tops, bottoms, accessories like purses and shoes. Crimson is an excellent accent color.

Color #5- Grey

Grey, a popular color from last fall, will continue its fashion reign this season. Whether it’s on warm winter knits, flirty blouses, or cute pumps, grey is the ultimate “cool" color. Trench coats and jackets as well as easygoing shirts and cardigans.

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