Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Springtime in Paris

I know it is no longer spring, in fact the official end of summer occurred yesterday with the Labor Day holiday weekend. But when I received this gorgeous dress in my stock last week, I just had to share with you the warm fuzzy feelings of sprintime - springtime in Paris actually! Can you not hear the Sinatra ballad, "April in Paris"?

Anyone who knows me well, know I love the French. I love everything about the French, even their well-known 'haute de gamme' or snobbiness. (I actually find it amusing!)

They have certainly many things to admire: their cuisines, wines, landscape, history, architecture, literature, fashion...and the list goes on. Working diligently on becoming fluent in French I have yet to visit the fair country, travelling instead closer to home, to Quebec in Canada which is our official French speaking province. Yes, Canada has 2 official languages; English and French. 

So today I share with you this stunning 1950s cotton swing dress with a plethora of Parisian and French images. All invoking springtime,  there are cherry bossoms, horse and carriage, a sophisticated couple walking their poodle (probably pure-bred), tulips, gazebo's, the Musée and of course the Tour Eiffel.

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the family vintage said...

wow! what an amazing find....love the print!