Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Classic Fashions Are a Must! Save your budget! Wear Vintage!

by Yvonne of Vintage Pretties on Ruby Lane

With budgets so tight, we all need to look for ways to save money. To the working woman, clothing is "not an option" for a cutback. We need to dress respectably when we leave for the office, and just as much in a retail position where clothing is seen by many, and often we are judged on our appearance.

An option to consider is vintage. By incorporating vintage to your wardrobe, you accomplish many things. First, you're recycling, and we all love that word. Then we have the fact you are saving tons of money. we like that too! Most of all, you are creating your own unique sense of style.

Many vintage items never seem to go out of style, and many are just timeless classics. A good new wool blazer will set you back at least a hundred dollars, yet a vintage one is typically around $25. I'm sure you will actually find the vintage a superior construction, better wool and better lining fabrics. It is also a good opportunity to pick up a designer item at a fraction of the cost.

Classic shirt waist dresses are always in fashion and easy to find. Add a trendy necklace to the dress and make it current. A vintage sweater or shrug takes the dress from summer to fall. Add a blazer, and you just carried that same dress from fall to winter. A different belt or a scarf results in a completely different look.

Love good cashmere or angora sweaters? look for vintage. Again, timeless and classic. Rarely do you find cashmere in a style other than just a simple round neckline or classic turtleneck. They have has no date like trendy items, and will look as good in ten years as it did twenty years ago. If you have purchased a cashmere sweater recently, you probably discovered a problem with pilling. The cashmere of today's sweaters is not the quality of vintage, which rarely pills.

Working with vintage pieces by incorporating them into your wardrobe will give you a completely different look, and setting your own personal style and stretching your budget.

The most basic vintage pieces will be better investments than current, trendier items. Use accessories like jewelry, scarves or belts to give your wardrobe a current look without breaking your budget and of course, even accessories are available vintage.

Shopping vintage will offer you many unique items as well to help set your own style as well as stretch your existing wardrobe. Yes, you can go to thrift stores and estate sales as vintage sellers do, but I don't know if you have ever tried looking for a specific iterm in the thrifts in your size. Nearly Impossible! I carry a "wish list" for my customers and go to anywhere from 3-15 estate sales in a weekend; often covering two states, and even then it is often months before i find that special item for a customer. Try it, but do not be discouraged.

An easier alternative is just to shop on line for good vintage. The supply is abundant and it is the most convenient way to shop. On line shops are open 24/7 ~ you will not have to wait for the stores to open, and you don't have to put on make up or dress up to do so. Our shops have plenty to choose from!

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Jane said...

Good suggestions here. Vintage clothing is often better made and more suitable when one needs professional attire.