Monday, August 2, 2010

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Mad Men's Joan

Whether you're a fan or not - you've heard of Mad Men - a drama about 1960s Ad Men. I have to admit, I watch it for the clothing and decor. The show is slowly turning a corner into the mid-60s and I do hope they keep on truckin' right into the 70s! The longer hair is starting to enhance the younger men's heads and the hemlines are not the only thing receding. The women's hair is getting poofier reminding me of the ever-present Dippity Do in my childhood bathroom.

One of the characters in Mad Men is Joan, a secretary who could run the agency were she a male. (Remember this is the mid-60s). A strong personality with a penchant for picking the wrong men. My featured dress today looks like something head-strong Joan would wear.

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