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Vintage Springolator Shoes by "The First Lady of American Shoe Design" Beth Levine

Springolator Shoes by Shoe Designer Beth Levine ~

As backless high-heel shoes were slowly moving out of the bedroom and the boudoir and onto the street, ladies were complaining that they were difficult to keep on. In response to this problem, shoe designer Beth Levine created and introduced the Springolator in 1956.

The Springolator shoe features an elastic insole that is designed to create tension between the shoe and the bottom of the foot to stay on the foot, without slipping off or go clack-clack when you walk.

The Springolator quickly became the must-have shoe of every glamour girl in the country, from Marilyn Monroe to the girl next door.

Beth Levine was an American fashion shoe designer who was most known for her designs from the 1940s through the 1970s, and was referred to as "The First Lady of American Shoe Design".

Beth Levine met Herbert Levine in 1944 and married him within a few months. The founded The Herbert Levine shoe label in 1948, with Beth as designer and Herbert as the head of the firm.

Beth set out to create feminine and delicate shoe designs and changed the silhouette of American women's shoes by cutting away more and more of the leather to expose more and more of the foot, creating shoes that were sexier and more elegant.

Fashion innovations introduced by Beth Levine for the Herbert Levine label include boots as fashion wear and Springolator mules.

Beth Levine was awarded the Coty Award in 1967 for design innovation.

Beth Levine died at age 91 on September 20, 2006 in New York City.

Vintage 1950s Leopard Print Pony Fur Springolator Spring-O-Lator Mules Shoes - Size 6.5 from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Vintage 1970s Tan Springolators by Footworks - Size 8 M from LOVE TRAIN VINTAGE



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