Monday, August 23, 2010

Classic style with vintage patterns.

I love looking at the artwork of vintage patterns. They looked so elegant in their fashions, and accessories, in print or solids, sleeves shortened or long, lace trim or none.

I started collecting them a few years ago, hoping to maybe make some of the dresses for myself, since finding the real deal has gotten very tight lately. I find maybe a handful of 40s/50s dresses a year now. Before I used to find dozens a week!

But alas, I just know I am never gonna get around to making them, so I am offering them up to someone who does make a ton of stuff. Plus, I know clothing designers and costume makers for studios use them.

Lot of 70+ Vintage Sewing Patterns 1930s 1940s 1950s and some 1960s

Check out more at Wicked Plum Vintage!

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reprise said...

what an awesome collection. i am sure you will have no trouble selling them since there are so many that into retro style dressing. good luck!