Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Biba is Back

 Vintage Biba

Vintage Halston
Re-vitalizing a defunct fashion house can be a difficult task. Take Halston for example. By the time Roy Halston Frowick died in 1990, he had long since sold the rights to his name and none of the five following designers could carry on and continue the Halston line.With the 7th incarnation of the label under yet another new designer, and Sarah Jessica Parker int he driver's seat, the label is already a huge comeback success.

Can Biba do the same? Ms Barbara Hulanicki founded Biba in 1964 and by 1974 it was attracting 1 million customers a week to it's High Street Kensington store. However, due to bad business decisions and financial troubles, the store closed in 1975 and Barbara sold the trademark name. There was an earlier attempt to revive the label, but this time the House of Fraser seems to be poised to become successful. Biba is an extremely collectible label and vintage garments are highly sought after. Let's hope this new line is as successful as the old one!

New Biba

Vintage Biba

Vintage Biba

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vivi said...

As a BIBA fan for MANY years, I'm really hoping their new line will be just as lust-worthy as their vintage pieces.