Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You can always shorten it and wear it again!

Nothing epitomizes bridesmaids dresses more than the movie "27 Dresses". Jammed in a huge closet are some of the absolute worst bridesmaids dresses ever seen. Of course on the bride's wedding day she doesn't want anyone outshining her so why take a chance on your attendants looking better than you do?

Now occasionally you'll have a generous bride who is very secure and they'll take pity on their friends and actually pick something that looks fabulous on all her attendants. Most brides don't pick out their attendants by their shape and size so finding a dress that looks good on everyone can be a real chore.

Things have changed over the years and we now have bridesmaid dresses in every color imaginable. We have goth weddings, steampunk weddings and also the more traditional weddings. My oldest daughter, age 13, is what she terms Emo and has been online looking at wedding dresses in black. I must be more open than I was 20 years ago because there are some absolutely gorgeous dresses done in black or black and white, reds, etc.

We've selected several dresses we think would lend themselves to bridesmaids dresses. Rather than regimenting everyone into the same exact dress and color, why not pick your colors and use vintage gowns to make your dreams come true?

1. Vintage 1950s 50’s Strapless PINK Tulle & Lace over Taffeta Full-Skirt Party or Wedding Dress with Ruffle Bust & Bolero Jacket; Size XS / Sm; On Sale!

2. Vintage 50's Designer Alberto Fabiani Couture Black Velvet-Ribbon Full Evening Skirt; Waist: 26″

3. SALE - SALE -- Vintage 70s 80s Designer Couture ALBERT CAPRARO Silk Chiffon Full Skirted LILAC PURPLE Cocktail Party Prom Wedding Dress -- 116 Inch Sweep -- Bust 32 -- Size XXS

Scott McClintock Soutach prom Dress Evening Gown S

5. SALE -- SALE -- Vintage 40s 50s Designer Couture REMBRANDT Pink Silk Peau de Soie Slipper Satin Full Skirted Cocktail Party Prom Wedding Dress Trimmed with Lace -- 194 Sweep -- Bust 36 -- Size S - M

6. Vintage 1960s Blue & Silver Brocade Luxe Gown Dress B34 W32 H36

Vintage 1940s White Eyelet Strapless Evening Formal Prom Gown with Bolero Jacket Size XS B32 W25

8. Vintage 50’s Strapless RED Taffeta Full-Skirt Evening Gown; Size XS / Sm

9. SALE - SALE - Vintage 50s Strapless Pleated Shelf Bust -- Tulle and Lace Illusion Full Skirted PINK Cocktail Party Wedding Prom Dress -- 100 Inch Sweep -- Bust 34.5 -- Size XS -- S

Beautiful 1980s Magenta Pink Satin Formal Evening Gown by Jessica McClintock Size 8 B36

11. SALE Sale Bengaline Moire Blue Evening Prom Gown Dress NWT small

12. Vintage 1970s Pale Green Floral Long Party Dress by Lorrie Deb Sz 13/14 B38

Vintage 1970s Steampunk Illusion and Crocheted Goth Spiderweb Black Gown B32 W30 H44

14. FAB vintage BEADED Halter top Satin Skirt PROM Dress S

15. 1980s Draped Iridescent Blue Gown Size 18 B34 W32 H42

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