Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summertime is BBQ and Outdoor Grilling Time!

That means aprons! Or at least it used to mean aprons...........LOL In a dressier era, aprons kept the grease and splash from Barbeque sauce off your good clothes. Today, not so much. A T-shirt and Jeans wash pretty easy. But for those of us who still like to wear an apron, here is a wonderful variety from the 30's to the 70's. All of these patterns and more can be found in our Apron Category on

Great yoked 1935 Smock covers all and protects all, no matter how messy the world gets around you.

More modernized 1959 version is full length and wraps for comfort. It even has a little appliques pear with your initial. Wear it over your shorts to protect your legs while flipping those burgers.

1972 brings us a unisex version of the bib apron and this one has all kinds of cute appliques and there's even a girly version with ruffles and lace.

Or if you are into jeans and really like the Western about a pair of apron chaps. These even have detachable mitts and pot holders.

If Designer Wear is the only thing that will touch your back......then this Betsy Johnson Tunic is for adorable is this? They call it a tunic, but I call it an Apron.

And don't forget the Anniversary Sale going on...........just go to our front page to get the code. Good until the 9th of July.

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