Saturday, July 3, 2010

Playing Vintage Fashion Designer

Being a lover of all things vintage connects perfectly with my recycling lifestyle. Sorting through my vintage clothing shipments, I often find garments I can not sell. There is a certain amount of cleaning and repair that is needed with all garments, but then there are those gems that transmit inspiration. Inspiration to alter them slightly or go beyond just a simple re-sewing of a button - these pieces need extra loving care. I name this my 'Creative Vintage' line of clothing. A garment that is updated or changed by sewing other vintage trims or fabrics; shortening or lenghtening...maininting a vintage style but with an urban edge to it. Playing fashion designer allows me to escape from the administrative side of my business and utilize the creative side of my brain! It is equal to a mini holiday!

Here are some new items now available from Some Like it

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The Red Umbrella said...

I love your attitude!