Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married.....

On Friday nights in our household my girls and I meet in the living room at 5 with our dinner and turn on "Say Yes To The Dress." We watch and hold our breath as bride after bride tries on truly gorgeous gowns. The one consistent discussion we have after every show we watch is how many brides can actually afford to spend anywhere from $2000 to $50,000 for a wedding gown?

We've also heard so many brides ask for a 1940s style dress, a princess style dress from the 50s or a very traditional ball gown so why not buy an original vintage dress to fulfill your dreams and be mindful of your budget (yes I am channeling Tim Gunn here)!

Or maybe you are marrying for the second time and feel that an ecru gown is more appropriate. No matter what you're looking for you can find it in a vintage gown. We've picked out several gowns that we think would be just beautiful for the bride to be and and allow her to make her dreams come true at a much lower price point (to steal a phrase from Say Yes To The Dress)!

Vintage 1970s White Cotton Eyelet Prairie

Style Gown Dress B30 W25 H44 Size Small

Vintage 1940s Fred Champagne Satin Bridal

Wedding Evening Gown B32 W24 B32

SALE -- SALE -- Vintage 60s 70s Designer

Emma Domb White Chantilly Lace Wedding
or Prom Maxi Dress Gown -- Empire Waist
-- Full Skirted -- Sheer Illusion Juliet Sleeves
-- Bust 34 -- Size XS

Vintage 1980s Sexy Bracoloni Cream

Sequin Ruffle Dress B28 W34 H40

Vintage 1980s Babydoll Mini Lace and

Satin Dropped Waist Wedding Bridal
Dress Gown Party B38

Vintage 60s 70s Pink Lace Wiggle Cocktail

Party Illusion Dress with Tiered and
Scalloped Skirt Bust 37.50 Size M Medium

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Anonymous said...

Hey ! It's me again ^^
This dresses are very beautiful, I think ^^

Kiss, Charlye