Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vintage Dresses for $10 at Vindemial Vintage

Really trying to clear some stuff out. :)

My FREE SWEATER when you buy a 50's Circle Skirt Promo is still going on, and there are a few left, so get them while you can!

These dresses and more are available for ONLY $10!!!
Take a look at Vindemial Vintage to see the super duper discounts. ^.^

The Wedding is over! Now for the honeymoon!

So now your wedding day has come and the service, vows, dancing, picture taking and partying are over. You're with the one you have taken vows with and perhaps on your way to a romantic honeymoon or maybe that has to wait given the expenses involved. Regardless of whether you are tripping the light fantasic to Hawaii, France, the Poconos or maybe just staying in your new residence with the man or woman of your dreams there is always room for the romance of vintage lingerie. Rather than blatently just letting it all hang out why not wrap your person is a frothy confection that will enhance your inner beauty and leave a little to the imagination? We've chosen some beautiful lingerie for your perusal with those special moments in mind.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mad Men & Cocktails

They don't make 'em like this anymore.....60s black crochet lace cocktail dress. Mr. Mort label. Listed just this minute in our store. Free shipping in the U.S.

The Novelty Doesn't Wear Off!

When I was younger, I wouldn't have dreamed of carrying a novelty bag or purse--vintage or otherwise. Too worried about standing out from the crowd, about what people might think, and so on. But as I get older, I find that being "different" is fun, and carrying a novelty handbag or purse is a great way to indulge oneself. It also tends to make other people smile and laugh--what could be better?

Although novelty bags have been around for decades, they really took off in the 1950s, as women began to wear brighter apparel and more "fun" styles, such as novelty-print circle skirts and dresses and mix 'n match coordinates that lent themselves to a variety of accessorization. Today the manufacture of novelty bags is a big industry. But that hasn't diminished, and has likely enhanced, the allure of the original, vintage ones, which are still hugely popular. We, of course, prefer the vintage ones and find them so interesting! They come in a limitless array of shapes, sizes, materials, etc.: Enid Collins box purses, the magazine-tube bags of the 60s, handmade cigar-box purses, elegant Judith Leiber clamshell purses, Jolles Originals' beaded or plastic-covered bags, scenic purses, kitcshy tourist wicker purses, telephone-wire bags, cartoon-character totes.... So many bags, so little storage space. So, many of them find their way to the sales "floor," to be discovered and loved by yet another vintie.

Summer seems to be the very best season for novelty bags--they are fun and lighthearted, perfect for vacations and beach or patio parties. You'll see them on the boardwalks of your favorite oceanside resort, or out to lunch at the local al-fresco dining establishment. Here are some fun bags we have to share with you:

The Atlas Princess Charming line of coated-wicker purses, such as the one below, typically featured underwater scenes with shells, starfish, and seahorses under a plastic window, along with Lucite handles.

Recently sold from Vintage Baubles: 1950's/60's White Wicker Purse with Seashells

Basket purses are always fun and popular as well, such as this 50's/60's picnic-style one, complete with double-hinged lid!

Offered at Alley Cats Attic: Picnic Basket Purse

Here's a most unusual early 50's bag with an avian-themed scene set inside a "picture frame":

From Vintage Baubles Too: Parrot & Flamingo Bag

And a big, bold 70's tote with Parisian scenes and great faux-tortoise handles:

Offered at Alley Cats Attic: Parisian Tote

But, summer's not the only time of year you can get to carry a great novelty bag. This 50's/60's Jolles Originals purse, sold from A & J Esoterica, features a fall/winter scene done in wool felt and glass beads:


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Not Afraid

While thinking about a blog topic for today, I just couldn't keep Eminem's songs 'Not Afraid' and 'Love the Way you Lie' out of my head. I've never been a fan of rapper Eminem, however these songs resonate.

In 'Not Afraid' he deals with rehab - seemingly of all forms - offering to give his hand to walk the road of recovery together. I have no idea what he has been through in his life, but I can imagine he did not have an easy time of it. The lyrics are universally relate-able albeit not for minors.

In 'Love the Way You Lie' Eminem takes us through the closed doors of domestic violence in a matter of fact rap-narrative of the abuser. He is not condoning the act, merely walking us through the thought processes of the abuser and the abused (hauntingly sung by Rihanna). There is no cut and dry solution proposed - just the facts ma'am.

The photos today gave the impression of 'behind glass' or 'up on a pedestal', thus propelling my brain-waves to Eminem and his music - thanks for asking.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gangster Moll to Glamour Doll The Thirties Rocked Fashion

The Depression be Damned! The ladies in the 30's knew how to dress and turn any occasion into a special one. They simply whipped out their knitting needles and crochet hooks and went to work. These luscious knitting and crochet patterns are available in our Etsy store and many many others are coming to the website at Check them out and keep watching for more.

Want it NOW? Don’t wanna wait for the mail or fool with old pages of patterns. It’s easy to simply download the PDF file and you can work from your computer or print the pages to carry with you.

You can access the pattern easily from your computer by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from their site at

PDF file is available for download on your paid invoice.

Vintage 50s Circle Skirts come with FREE vintage 50s sweaters from Vindemial Vintage

Summer Clearance at Vindemial Vintage means FREE vintage 50s sweaters with any of my vintage 50s Circle Skirts. (which are listed at very reasonable prices!)

This is just a sample of what there is available at Vindemial Vintage so come over and explore all there is to see :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LAST CHANCE Sale at Couture Allure

We've got loads of new vintage goodies coming to you for fall, but we have to make some room for it! All this week, we'll be marking some great vintage items down to $50.00 each during our LAST CHANCE Sale! You can't afford to miss these deals! Come on.....where else are you going to find a vintage Dior for $50????? Check back often for fabulous bargains all week! Simply type "Last Chance" into the search box at Couture Allure and find your dream deal!

You can always shorten it and wear it again!

Nothing epitomizes bridesmaids dresses more than the movie "27 Dresses". Jammed in a huge closet are some of the absolute worst bridesmaids dresses ever seen. Of course on the bride's wedding day she doesn't want anyone outshining her so why take a chance on your attendants looking better than you do?

Now occasionally you'll have a generous bride who is very secure and they'll take pity on their friends and actually pick something that looks fabulous on all her attendants. Most brides don't pick out their attendants by their shape and size so finding a dress that looks good on everyone can be a real chore.

Things have changed over the years and we now have bridesmaid dresses in every color imaginable. We have goth weddings, steampunk weddings and also the more traditional weddings. My oldest daughter, age 13, is what she terms Emo and has been online looking at wedding dresses in black. I must be more open than I was 20 years ago because there are some absolutely gorgeous dresses done in black or black and white, reds, etc.

We've selected several dresses we think would lend themselves to bridesmaids dresses. Rather than regimenting everyone into the same exact dress and color, why not pick your colors and use vintage gowns to make your dreams come true?

1. Vintage 1950s 50’s Strapless PINK Tulle & Lace over Taffeta Full-Skirt Party or Wedding Dress with Ruffle Bust & Bolero Jacket; Size XS / Sm; On Sale!

2. Vintage 50's Designer Alberto Fabiani Couture Black Velvet-Ribbon Full Evening Skirt; Waist: 26″

3. SALE - SALE -- Vintage 70s 80s Designer Couture ALBERT CAPRARO Silk Chiffon Full Skirted LILAC PURPLE Cocktail Party Prom Wedding Dress -- 116 Inch Sweep -- Bust 32 -- Size XXS

Scott McClintock Soutach prom Dress Evening Gown S

5. SALE -- SALE -- Vintage 40s 50s Designer Couture REMBRANDT Pink Silk Peau de Soie Slipper Satin Full Skirted Cocktail Party Prom Wedding Dress Trimmed with Lace -- 194 Sweep -- Bust 36 -- Size S - M

6. Vintage 1960s Blue & Silver Brocade Luxe Gown Dress B34 W32 H36

Vintage 1940s White Eyelet Strapless Evening Formal Prom Gown with Bolero Jacket Size XS B32 W25

8. Vintage 50’s Strapless RED Taffeta Full-Skirt Evening Gown; Size XS / Sm

9. SALE - SALE - Vintage 50s Strapless Pleated Shelf Bust -- Tulle and Lace Illusion Full Skirted PINK Cocktail Party Wedding Prom Dress -- 100 Inch Sweep -- Bust 34.5 -- Size XS -- S

Beautiful 1980s Magenta Pink Satin Formal Evening Gown by Jessica McClintock Size 8 B36

11. SALE Sale Bengaline Moire Blue Evening Prom Gown Dress NWT small

12. Vintage 1970s Pale Green Floral Long Party Dress by Lorrie Deb Sz 13/14 B38

Vintage 1970s Steampunk Illusion and Crocheted Goth Spiderweb Black Gown B32 W30 H44

14. FAB vintage BEADED Halter top Satin Skirt PROM Dress S

15. 1980s Draped Iridescent Blue Gown Size 18 B34 W32 H42

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Here at Posh Girl we really love traditional vintage wedding dresses but also love informal and non traditional dresses for weddings too, especially the 60’s vintage shift or mini dress. So cute and modern for those young fashionista’s out there. Sweet and simple they look great for country or urban settings when you add the right accessories. These photos are a mix of both 60's and 50's wedding dresses we love!

1970's Oxford Bags

I saw this 1970's Simplicity sewing pattern on which was recentlylisted by  seller wickedladycollectables
I immediately remembered a pair of green/black check Oxford Bags that i used to own,  they were all the rage in the early 70's.
Oxford bags were a loose-fitting baggy form of trouser worn by members of the University of Oxford in the early 1920's upto the 1950's and they made a  second comeback in the 1970's. I remember wearing my green checked baggies with bright yellow/black platform shoes!
The style originated from a ban in 1924 on the wearing of knickers by Oxford and Cambridge undergraduates at lectures. The bagginess allowed this to be hidden easily. The style was invented by Harold Acton of Christ Church.
1970s groups such as The Bay City Rollers and Slade wore a variant of oxford bags with tartan trimmings that fell short of ankle-length.
If you love the 1970's specialistauctions has a variety of items forsale from that era including this:-
Empty 1970's Avon cream sachet bottle/jar with pale purple plastic lid, green glass jar/bottle. Field of flowers.

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Between the Lines

I know, it's still the middle of summer and everyone seems to be talking Fall fashions. So I won't. This dress set screams summer (can you say Seersucker) with just a pinch of autumnal nip in the air. But mostly summer - really.