Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Vidlers 5 & 10

Looking to slow down? Need some small town gossip? Itching for some Black Jack gum or satellite wafers? Step back in time to an East Aurora, New York institution.

Congratulations Vidler's 5&10! Eighty years in business is no small feat. Take a look at their website & don't forget to give Bob & Ed a call - 877.VIDLERS Better yet, stop in and say hi - guaranteed worth the trip.

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propriatress said...

ha ha! before I read your post, I did a teeny blurb on the 5&10 of yesteryear...I'm happy to know Vidler's is still going strong, and I am so sad that Woolworth's is gone...Today's Dollar Stores...are just so trashy, and nothing like the sweet and cute stores of days past.