Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage? In My Size???

I've drooled over vintage fashions that were so incredible I wanted to scream. The only thing was, they weren't my size. They would never be my size. I can only buy them and dream of wearing them. I've stumbled on to an amazing solution to my nightmare.... VINTAGE PATTERNS.

Now you can take an original 1950's Garden Party Dress and have it made in YOUR SIZE!!!!

Now you can take an authentic 60's Muu Muu Caftan and have it made in YOUR SIZE!!!! & in YOUR FAVORITE COLOR!!!

I've always wanted a handkercheif hippie blouse that was worn at Woodstock. Since I can't find one my size, I could buy some amazing eyelet lace and use this pattern!!!! Have it in YOUR SIZE, in YOUR COLOR, with fabrics you've only DREAMED off.

I absolutely adore Mad Men but could never dream of squeezing into one of their suits.... Now, I could have one made for me!!! Buy a 60s MAD MEN SUIT pattern and have one custom made for you!!

Vintage you love! Vintage you can afford! And vintage that fits YOU!

What are you waiting for?? Visit Nostalic Collections etsy boutique today!!




d.funkt said...

God, I really need to learn to sew!

Michelle said...

I totally agree! It absolutely sucks to not be a vitage size 14 which is now a size 6ish! I so appreciate vintage patterns. They really help us girls stay in authentic styles!

bilalmujtabakhan said...

Its really weird when you like some thing by heart but you can't use it.
Any how soon you will be able to have vintage clothing with full charisma and you will feel happy

Hey Viv ! said...

This idea might work. I have trouble finding vintage in my size.
Has anyone tried sewing with the vintage patterns ? Any success or tips to share ?

Jamie Creason said...

Great idea~ just wish I could sew