Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Sweetest Treasure-A Vintage Case Full Of Cosmetics

I have had this treasure for quite awhile but I was content to enjoy its uniqueness without delving into its history too much. I am in the process of redoing my photography studio/sewing room/packaging room/display get the idea...I need to clear out some room! This sweet vintage cosmetics case needs to find a new home with someone who will love it and cherish it for the rare treasure it is.

From my research I found that the Beauty Counselor company originated in Grosse Pointe, Michigan which makes perfect sense as I am in Michigan too, in fact the beauty counselor representative whose labels are on the bottles in the case was from the same small town where I live now.

The case is round with one flat side done in a dark brown faux crocodile/alligator material. The case is about 8.5" high x 5" wide not including the handle & it has a zipper opening. The soft shell pink interior comes complete with most of the original contents. There are 4 clear glass bottles with pink plastic tops that fit securely on the top with pink elastic compartments. Above them are slots for the original comb and mirror. In the bottom of the case are 4 milk glass jars with pink lids and content labels that snuggle securely in their elastic holders. The jars of face powder, foundation, etc. also have labels with the beauty counselors name, address and phone number. One last item is a lipstick sized case that is a deodorant stick with a push up tab like lipsticks of the day, how would you apply deodorant in a skinny, narrow lipstick sized container?

You can make this fabulous set your newest treasure over at Club Vintage Fashions & More on Etsy.

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