Friday, June 25, 2010

May advertising

As I have mentioned previously, the money made from the ads on this blog goes directly into a fund to pay to advertise this blog. None of the ad revenue ever touches my hand. I'm tired of people making statements that I am profitting from this blog, when if they just paid attention and actually read the info in the tab above about advertising, maybe they would catch on.
Money made from selling ad space on this blog is handled by Project Wonderful. The money in that account, which I never touch, goes directly to pay for Vintage Bulletin ads on other websites that also use Project Wonderful. I try very hard to keep what is spent on advertising the same as what is coming in.
Look at the May report from above and you will see that the blog made $25.67 from the ads, and $26.46 of that money was spent to advertise the Vintage Bulletin in other website. So the expense was .79 cents more than the profit.


CEMETARIAN We Dig Memories said...

I, for one appreciate you doing this. It is a good way to advertise for everyone and anyone who complains is just nuts. It's not like some blogs that make hundreds of dollars a month off their advertising and basically give nothing in return. I intended to keep my ad running here as long as you'll let me.

Lizzie said...

Just don't run off to Argentina with that 26 bucks, okay??!!