Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Love of Shoes

With the return of "Sex in the City 2" and Carrie Bradshaw I have to admit I was curious to see what she would be wearing. Most of us are familiar with Carrie's addiction to shoes... especially Manolo Blahniks. What caught my attention this time around were these stunning Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps.

You can duplicate this style with a pair of Vintage Shoes sans the 5" heels. Sparkly shoes are no longer just for special occasions.

Here are just a few glittery designs out there.

A beautiful pair of Vintage Heels in Gold Lame ~ $39 at Isabella's Vintage

A fantastic pair of French Heels in Iced Pale Blue with a Metallic Sheen ~ $165 at Posh Vintage

Silver metallic with silver glitter teardrop shapedinsets ~ $24 at Lola Vintage on Etsy

1950's Golden Glitter Pumps ~ $29.95 at Vintageitemsnmore on Etsy
There are many more out there to chose from. Feel good about being green and buy vintage. Your wallet and the earth will thank you.

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Lynn said...

The 4th & 5th pair are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!