Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Sewing Lessons

I bought this dress several years ago because I love the print. It's a '40s textile that's a twirl of swirly, floral bows in tan, black and white on green. The dress wasn't finished, and it looked sad on the rack. Without much thought, I took it home with me. It slept in a bin for years until I decided it was time to reawaken this dress. The two pieces of the halter’s bodice hadn’t been sewn together in the back of the neck. I recently had my seamstress fix that for me and she did a great job.

We can learn a lot from this dress if we think about what this "failed" project means. I like this dress because it represents something more than just a home sewist’s learning curve. It stands for all the things that you wish you could finish, but don’t. It stands for the humbling act of standing there with the scissors…cutting and pinning and sewing…just to see what happens…just to see if what you make is worth doing. This dress stands for trying something instead of doing nothing. That, of and in itself, is a fantastic way to approach life.

You can find the dress for sale HERE at Lucitebox and read more about it on my blog, Hollygab.

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