Sunday, June 27, 2010

College and High School Yearbooks

We know that Fashion Magazines and Vintage sewing patterns gives us a glimpse into yesteryear. But there is nothing that gives us a Moment in Time, quite like a High School or College Yearbook. A yearbook is a Time Capsule on paper. It shows how students REALLY lived, and not a glamorized version like glossy magazines.

This beautiful girl was featured in the 1926 Locust Yearbook from East Texas College in Commerce which is now part of the A & M University.

These girls were the Pepperettes (I'm assuming that is the Pep Squad) at Beaumont High School in St Louis Missouri in 1938. The Yearbook is called The Caduceus.

Life Was Hectic for these Austin College Students in 1941, at least according to the yearbook called The Chromascope.

And even though Fashions may change, there is always a Beauty Queen who exemplifies the standards of the day. This beauty is from Peabody Teachers College in Nashville, in 1959. The yearbook is entitled The Pillar.

1964, still had it's Kings and Queens as shown in this Abilene Texas High School Yearbook the Flashlight.

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