Monday, June 7, 2010

Am I blue?

The color blue calms and sedates people. It aids intuition and is by far the favorite color. Dark blue is the color of truth and moderation. The color blue comes in various shades and hues and is the most desired color in gardening. So why not select some beautiful blue fashions to your wardrobe and bask in the tranquility.

Beautiful Vintage 1960s Jean Lang Party

Dress Slate Blue B38 W23

Sweet.. vintage 60s Blue Gingham

Seersucker Skort, Shorts Mini Skirt

SALE -- Vintage 60s 70s Blue Geometric

Horizontal Border Print Cotton Barkcloth
Hostess Maxi Dress -- DESIGNER Couture
Krist of San Francisco -- B 38 -- Size M -- L

Vintage 50s Blue Roses Full Skirt Cotton

Day Dress, Lg

Vintage 1960s Mad Men Classic Navy Blue

Dress & Coat Ensemble B38 W34 H38

Vintage Navy Blue Straw Bonnet Hat by

Sibley Lindsay Curr Co

Vintage Sky Blue Sundress Shirt Dress

Cotton S 8 Belt yellow Sunflower Daisies

SALE -- SALE -- Vintage 60s Blue Paradise

Hawaii -- Hibiscus and Palm Tree Print
Draped Sarong Spaghetti Strap VLV Dress
-- Size XS - S

Vintage Art Deco Blue Rhinestone Dress

Clip, Earrings

Vintage 1940s Lora Lenox Sculptured

Charm Navy Crepe and Satin Cocktail
Dress w Cummerbund Satin Belt
B32 W30 H36

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