Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glamour Girl Vintage

Exquisite Vintage 50s Peach Chiffon Full Skirted Party Wedding Prom Formal Ball Gown Dress

The fitted and boned bodice features a ruched shelf bust accented with hand beading, sequins and faux pears as pictured. Exquisite ruched cummerbund and sheer shoulder straps accented with sequins and faux pearls. Plunging square back with two gorgeous long sheer flyaway panels as pictured.

1930's Bathing Beauties

At the weekend i visited The Town Museum in Leyland near Preston, Lancashire, UK.
The display cabinet below caught my eye, the 1930's bathing hat designs are just so stylish!
I then found these faboulous 1930's cigarette cards of bathing beauties at:-
A full set of forty cards by Murray & Sons 1939, in good condition and depicting Bathing Belles, snap them up for only £10!
Click here to view and buy these cards

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Louis Vuitton Fall /Winter 2010/11

These LV handbags and shoes DESERVE vintage frocks. Maybe this show was inspired by vintage couture, by Barbie, or by Mad Men - the point is - the dresses, skirts and suits are freakin' AMAZING. The LV fashion show is so worth the watch, grab a Tom Collins, sit back and enjoy!

Oh, and when you're done, stop into the store and grab an original piece of history to go with your bag.

A & J Esoterica

If you love red and the elegant evening gown looks of the past, you have to have this! Floor-length strapless dress has simple, but stunning, lines—from the flattering bodice points to the slightly dropped, partially gathered waistline and extra-full skirt. Made of rayon taffeta, it has a richer hand than acetate taffeta. Bodice is boned for shape and support. Waistline is gathered over the hips and back, with a smooth fit over the front. The very full skirt has more fullness than my crinoline (not included) filled out. I myself like the look of the folds and drape to the skirt, but you could use a fuller crinoline if you wish. There is a "gusset" sewn into the back seam near the hem to add even more fullness--this dress has some skirt on it! Metal back zipper

Vintage swimsuit related display for the Strathmere Library

I was asked if I could provide a 'beach related' display to showcase in the Rita C. Schiavo Library in Strathmere NJ. So I took the oportunity to combine my love of Strathmere and my love of vintage clothing and created this small display. I used 3 swimsuits from my collection along with a hat and a head scarf that has a New Jersey beach theme. I printed out several vintage photos that I have of girls in swimsuits in Strathmere, dating from the Teens to the 1940s, and two old advertisements for Strathmere that feature people in swimsuits,  and I framed them for the display as well.
It was limited space and done kind of last minute, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Bye for now, Carol

Vintage Thermoset Lucite Jewelry

In the late 50s and early to mid-60s, many jewelry companies designed and manufactured various pieces of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches out of thermoset lucite in a rainbow of colors. The most prolific manufacturers were Coro and Lisner, however there are also many unsigned pieces.

Many of these pieces are highly collectible today, particularly signed pieces, those in unusual colors, and parure sets which include matching necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches.

Thermoset is a form of lucite which has been molded into interesting flat bottomed cabochon shapes such as leaves, squares, circles and ovals. The cabochons were then placed in metal settings, most often open backed with curved shapes creating lovely jewelry.

Thermoset lucite jewelry is wonderful for any time of the year but their light weight and bright or pastel colors make them perfect for wear with Summer time fashions, including these available from Catseye Vintage and Vintage Baubles.

Vintage 50s 60s Lavender Thermoset Lucite Leaf Statement Choker Necklace and Bracelet and Earrings Parure Set from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Vintage Coro Pegasus Pink Moonray Thermoset Bracelet from VINTAGE BAUBLES.COM


Vintage 50s 60s Designer CORO Jade Green Thermoset Lucite Statement Choker Necklace and Earrings Demi Parure Set from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Vintage 50s 60s Blue and Aqua Thermoset Lucite Statement Choker Necklace and Earrings Demi Parure Set - Mint on Original Card from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Monday, June 28, 2010

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Eclipse

Teenage Angst.

Who hasn't been wooed by the notion of a vampire stealing into your room at twilight? A stranger's (cold) lips pressed against your soft flesh?

Satisfy your thirst June 29. Midnight.

Happy Birthday America and Happy Birthday

As American Celebrates it's Anniversary on the 4th of July, we are celebrating our 4th Anniversary here at

For the past few weeks I have been working hard to get 4000 in our inventory. This has been a difficult goal to achieve. Mainly due to the fact that every time I would get close, our wonderful customers would purchase more things and the Inventory number would drop...........THANK YOU ALL. LOL But this morning I finally hit that 4000 number. Don't let it stay there long!

In appreciation of all our fabulous customers we are offering a 20% discount on everything on the site. At checkout use the coupon code Freedom and receive your discount.

Thank you all for your fabulous support these past 4 years and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

I just listed a small lot of 1930's patterns, all at very reasonable prices but that 20% discount makes them even more reasonable.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

College and High School Yearbooks

We know that Fashion Magazines and Vintage sewing patterns gives us a glimpse into yesteryear. But there is nothing that gives us a Moment in Time, quite like a High School or College Yearbook. A yearbook is a Time Capsule on paper. It shows how students REALLY lived, and not a glamorized version like glossy magazines.

This beautiful girl was featured in the 1926 Locust Yearbook from East Texas College in Commerce which is now part of the A & M University.

These girls were the Pepperettes (I'm assuming that is the Pep Squad) at Beaumont High School in St Louis Missouri in 1938. The Yearbook is called The Caduceus.

Life Was Hectic for these Austin College Students in 1941, at least according to the yearbook called The Chromascope.

And even though Fashions may change, there is always a Beauty Queen who exemplifies the standards of the day. This beauty is from Peabody Teachers College in Nashville, in 1959. The yearbook is entitled The Pillar.

1964, still had it's Kings and Queens as shown in this Abilene Texas High School Yearbook the Flashlight.

All of these books and more can be found in the Yearbook Category at

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Evening Gowns and Coats

New this week at Couture Allure are several fabulous vintage evening gowns. We've also started listing our vintage coat collection for 2010! Also listed, but not shown here, are several vintage cocktail dresses.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Piece Wonders

It's too hot to think about putting together an outfit. One piece items like rompers and overalls are easy ways to get dressed in vintage style! All items can be found at iKonic on Etsy.

ETSY062610 003

ETSY062610 010

ETSY062610 041

iKonic Vintage

You Can Leave Your Hat On......

Oh for the days when hats were seen around and about the town. Some type of hat or head covering was De rigueur for attendance at a wedding, lunch out with the ladies or more formal cocktail parties.

Hats are the icing on the fashion cake, to be used to express one's most fashionable self. So without further ado from left to right we present a veritable feast of hats from the ladies of this blog for your epicurean delight!

Beautiful Unique Vintage 1940s New York Creations Black Wide Brim Hat

Vintage 1960s Reddish Orange Straw Pillbox Hat

Whimsey Hat Net Veil Black

Vintage 1960s Lime Green Bucket Hat

Vintage 50s/60s Play Topper Pillbox Turban Hat

Vintage 50s Sequins and Beads Cocktail Hat Wedding Cap

Vintage Hat Bollman Tilt Green Wool Veil Bow Rhinestone Satin Band

Vintage 1950s Pink Linen Platter Hat w Crocheted Details

Vintage Black Satin Couture Draped Turban Hat by Jean Barthet

Exquisite Vintage 1960s Pink Straw Cloche Hat with Pink Rose

Vintage 60s Audrey Breakfast at Tiffanys Wide Brim Hat

Vintage Adolfo Hat 40s inspired 80s Bollman Stunning Sequin

Vintage 1960s Mocha Straw Mad Men Concentric Circles Pillbox Hat

Vintage 1950s Cream Straw Asymmetrical Crown Hat with Floral and Red Berry Trim

Vintage 1960s White & Navy Blue Bucket Hat

Friday, June 25, 2010

May advertising

As I have mentioned previously, the money made from the ads on this blog goes directly into a fund to pay to advertise this blog. None of the ad revenue ever touches my hand. I'm tired of people making statements that I am profitting from this blog, when if they just paid attention and actually read the info in the tab above about advertising, maybe they would catch on.
Money made from selling ad space on this blog is handled by Project Wonderful. The money in that account, which I never touch, goes directly to pay for Vintage Bulletin ads on other websites that also use Project Wonderful. I try very hard to keep what is spent on advertising the same as what is coming in.
Look at the May report from above and you will see that the blog made $25.67 from the ads, and $26.46 of that money was spent to advertise the Vintage Bulletin in other website. So the expense was .79 cents more than the profit.