Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Blind Item - A Kit Kat can't change it's spots

A former ebay seller who built a bad reputation as a buyer, is still up to her old tricks.

From the surface, this seller looks very successful, professional, with beautiful stock. But many ebay sellers know otherwise.
This person buys alot on ebay to resell. No problem there, reselling is fine, if she can flip it and make a profit - great for her. The problem with this buyer/seller is that sometimes, when she receives the item, she claims it is damaged to try to get a discount. She then threatens negative feedback and PayPal chargebacks if the seller refuses to give her a partial refund. Some sellers who have refused to give her the discount have received their items returned to them with fresh damage courtesy of this person.

This buyer/seller then lists the items in her shop, and like a miracle, the damage that she claimed was there has disappeared - it has suddenly become flawless in her hands.

She no longer sells on ebay but she is selling on etsy. She no longer models her clothing and her trademark prop is gone, but it's not too hard to spot her listings.
She buys under several id's on ebay. I'm sure there are sellers who have dealt with her without incident and hopefully her customers are happy with what they buy from her. But just be careful when dealing with her. Document your dress thoroughly with many photos so that she can't try to claim it is damaged.


Lolita Haze said...

Yikes! Thanks for the warning. I will keep a better eye on my vintage. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I know who this is. I can't believe her actions haven't bitten her on the a** yet.

Anonymous said...

We also hear that buyers who pay gazillions for her dresses find undisclosed flaws when they receive them (of course, not necessarily on the same dresses or the same flaws she claims to get discounts!). A dress she claims to be "mint" or "perfect" is often not. And these buyers do not complain. Apparently they think that because this seller has such a great reputation (why that still is we don't know) that they'll look foolish if they complain. Alas, buyers like this perpetuate the myth of this seller. If they get an item not as described, they need to call her out on it.

Anonymous said...

I think I know who you're talking about...I had a bad experience with her a couple years ago when she was still on Ebay. I bought a dress that was supposed to be in perfect condition with "no rips, holes, or tears". When it arrived, I discovered it had a noticeable hole in the front and center of the skirt that she'd somehow managed to conceal in the auction photos! After that, I vowed I wouldn't buy anything else from her, though I still peek at her Etsy listings.