Monday, May 10, 2010

No End To The Love For Shoes

Warman's Shoes Field Guide. Sounds like a military operation guidebook doesn't it? A 'what to do when you are in enemy territory' type of manual. Actually, it is a book about vintage shoe shopping and collecting, written by acclaimed couture author, Caroline Ashleigh. So it is not how to accessorize your newest army camouflage outfit. 

An avid shoe collector herself, she states there are 3 criteria when buying vintage shoes: condition, condition, condition.
"Buy what you love, buy the best you can afford and buy the best example you can afford", Caroline says.

This pocket sized book contains over 400 illustrations and a price guide. It is designed as a 'field guide for shopping'. A portable guide for those vintage markets when it's too difficult to lug around your encyclopoedic sized reference books. It also includes illustrations and prices of famous shoes like the ruby red slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz. That most famous pair holds the record for the highest-priced shoes, selling for $666,000 at Christie’s a few year’s back.

Apparently, collecting vintage shoes is second only to collecting vintage handbags. So get your pocket guide and get out there shopping! Oh, and don't forget to wear that is what they are meant for! 

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