Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh Mad Men how we love you. But how we hate the key word spamming that you inspire. Have these people even watched the show? I don't see how these are remotely Mad-Men-Like

'VTG 60s MAD MEN Pleated Polka Dot Shirt Dress' - sure, I can totally see Joan Bombshelling-It-Up in this dress. Or even Betty wearing it all Chic-like and classy. 1960s? ok.

Maybe this one is predicting the future clothing of Mad Men, a few years later in the 1960s, because 'psychedelic' and 'Mad Men' don't quite go together.

'60s Mod Mad Men Sheath Dress Psychedelic Retro Baby'
Sheath? maybe it's the totally wrong picture. Maybe the seller doesn't know what a sheath is.


Kate O said...

You are completely right! x

Natasha Bailie said...

I hate this too! I am such a fan and truly buy dresses inspired by the characters from Mad Men and I may even be guilty of hash tagging Mad Men upon occasion but it is at least reasonable when I am selling a dress from the that era. I find it truly frustrating when you are looking and find 80s trash. So here, hero doll xx Keep spreading the word...Mad Men rocks, fakes do not.