Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deceptively Sexy Frosted Hot Mama

It was late on Sunday afternoon, and I really didn't wanna be there, but, I went to the last day of the sale. Little ole house, not much there, till I hit the closet............I immediately spotted a couple of 50's summer dresses and just started grabbing everything in sight. Paid for em, loaded em in the car and brought em home and stacked them in the to do pile.

Monday morning I started looking through the pile and this fabric caught my eye. It is a pretty Schiffli embroidered baby blue.

The dress didn't look like much. Just a straight 50's shift with a faux jacket in back that obviously created a blouson effect. Home crafted, but well done.

And then I got it on Hera and zipped it up and wow, it fit her like it was made for her. Nice but still I'm thinking "Just a sweet little spring dress......"

Until I turned her for the profile shot.....and Wowsa! This dress is bombshell sexy all the way. Figure hugging and demure at the same time.

See this beauty and some of the other sweet 50's dresses I picked up all at cemetarian on eBay

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