Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vintage Matching Duos : A Stockpile of Cute

Filled with community spirit, I recently posted two '50s sundresses with boleros on the Vintage Clothing and Accessories board. I'm posting them here because I want to share two more things in this vein with you.

Let's recap. I recently acquired a lovely selection of vintage dresses from Edna. I'm clever. I call this lot of clothing "The Edna Collection." (Perhaps you saw some of her dresses on The Vintage Bulletin on Monday?)

Well, wouldn't you know it? Edna had a predilection for multiples. Here's another fabulous duo from the '50s---two vintage sundresses with matching short sleeve cardigans.

Thing One:

Thing Two:

These sundresses with their adorable cardigans will be available soon on Lucitebox. The tutti-frutti ombré cotton dresses can be viewed in detail here and here. Let's hear it for clothes horses who stockpile cute dresses! Hip Hip Hooray! YAY, Edna!


melina bee said...

omg, both pairs are ssssoo cute!! double trouble!
melina bee

Sydneys Vintage Clothing said...

Edna was my grandmother's name! Sweetest lady to ever walk the face of earth. Love these dresses too!

lucitebox said...

Thanks, gals! I'm really enjoying working with this stuff. As you can imagine, I'm a little sad that they're not my size, but I'll be happy to find them good homes.

Louise said...

So, so gorgeous. Stop torturing me! He he.