Saturday, March 6, 2010

Someone will buy it - Vintage 1980s Scary Clown Sweater

There are people who are afraid of Scary Clowns, and some people collect Scary Clowns.
So there's got to be someone out there who would enjoy this sweater either with horror or humor, or both.
Are his intentions good or bad - Is this clown saying 'Let me entertain you' or 'I'm coming to eat your soul' ?
And what about the sick individual who designed this sweater, what the hell was going through their mind? Were they deeply affected by a Scary Clown? Or did they secretly wish to be a Scary Clown themselves? Or were they somehow trying to spread joy with this funky little clown.
You know, he does kind of grow on you. He doesn't look so bad now. Or maybe I am falling under his spell . . .

Vintage 80s Scary Clown Sweater - offered by Daisy Fairbanks

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