Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leaving The Vintage Business By Inches

Elisa's Bodacious House of Style

As probably everyone knows, I have been endeavoring to get out of the vintage selling business. As much as I adore vintage clothing, it is no longer economically viable. And there are other things I want to do with my life while I still have the time.

But it is so much harder than I anticipated. The void I'm facing in my life is so hard to describe to those who don't love vintage clothing and accessories. I've even been giving things away in an effort to clean out my apartment. But still, there are racks of beautiful things I cannot bear to part with, particularly not for $9.99.

Ebay's new policies are what put the final nail in my selling coffin. I don't have the time or the interest to set up on Bonanzle or Etsy. Over this past year, I have weaned myself from thrift stores, or enticing offers from people who had elderly relatives, etc.

Part of it, I realized, is that I need to know where the best vintage is going. I would rather give a dress to a friend who will wear it than donate it to some thrift store. I've donated bags and bags of clothing (mostly contemporary), and I barely have the will to take photos of what is left. I'm sending back consignment items. And you can find gorgeous pieces for pennies on the dollar at my store.

I feel so sad, but I know it is for the best. I'll still be hanging around the discussion boards and my private sellers group, but the sheer joy of what I was doing is long gone.

Now what? Who knows?

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