Monday, March 8, 2010

come and list at specialistauctions

Come and list your collectable sewing, knitting, crochet and notions at

Collectable sewing and related items

If you have any of the following please list them in collectables under sewing

Vintage or Antique

Buckles & buttons -

Thread reels/bobbins - wooden reels, cardboard reels, tunbridge reels,cotton reel stands, thread barrels, thread holders, winders, waxers/wax,

Embroidery/needlepoint items - samplers, rings

Early knitting items, - wool winders, booklets

Lace items - lace bobbins, netting hooks, tatting spools/shuttles

Needles/cases - needle threaders, hussifs (needle & thread holders), needle cases in silver/ivory/fabric/glass/brass etc, needle packets and books,

Sewing tools - scissors, crochet hooks,thimbles & holders, chatelaines, sewing sets, pins, pin cushions, clamps, darners, button holers, stilettos, tatting spools/shuttles, sewing machines & parts.

Tapes & measures - tape measures, rulers, hem measures

Anything else - Early sewing/knitting booklets, early fabric pieces, motifs. novelties etc.

please list them at specialistauctions, remember its free to list!

Thank you

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