Monday, March 22, 2010

Advertising funds for the Vintage Bulletin January/February

I placed the Project Wonderful adbox on this blog in mid December so that I could raise money to advertise the Vintage Bulletin itself, to increase hits. I placed an ad for the Vintage Bulletin on the Dress A Day blog and added $30 of my money to start the Project Wonderful ad campaign for the Vintage Bulletin.

Below is a screen shot of the income statement from the advertisting for the months of January and February. I just want to be sure that it is clear that I am not profitting from the ads on this page, the profit is going towards advertisting.
Bidding varies on Project Wonderful ads, changing by the hour sometimes. Money is made from the bids for adspace on the Bulletin and that money in the Project Wonderful account turns right around to place ads for the Bulletin on other blogs. The money never touches my hands. I try to keep the bids coming in and the bids going out the same amount.

You can see from the screen shot below that in January, $12.83 was made from the ads on this blog and $11.89 of that money went right towards advertising the Bulletin on other blogs.
In February $14.29 was made from the ads on this blog, and $15.41 was spent to advertise it. I overspent by .18 cents! So you can see that I am keeping the profit and spending of advertising funds very close.

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