Monday, February 8, 2010


Look, don't torture yourself. I have sooooo much black! My feeling, you can't have enough little black dresses in your closet. I'm including three that I have listed on Etsy,
The first: a 1950s, wiggle dress with matching, lace trimmed jacket! It's cotton, it's gorgeous, it's dressy, (but NOT too dressy,) it's got a killer neckline that just screams for a necklace, and to top it off, it's perfect for warm weather.
The second: A 1960s, Black Italian Knit for Lord and Taylor. OH MY...if you've got the body, this dress is for you!
Not too much I can say about this one. It's perfect for cocktails and dinner or that special date!
And, last but not least, is the GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL DRESS from the 1940s. OH MY! Look at that leg action. This taffeta dress has skirt detail that you can't believe. It's pulled up, draped, folded and your leg is left out for all to see.
So you see, there's little black dresses and then there's VINTAGE LITTLE BLACK DRESSES! You'll always be well dressed when you wear the little black, stock up! They NEVER go out of style. To see more, look on Whatever time period you are in love with, you'll find what you want there.
Linda Wink
Bad Girl Vintage
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Ferissa said...

little black dress is never goes wrong !